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4YBY open challenge contests utilize crowdsourcing to generate ideas to create more effective, innovative and sustainable health solutions.

Past Open Challenge Contest

2018 World AIDS Day HIV Self-testing Contest

This contest was focused on engaging youth to generate compelling ideas on strategies to promote HIV self-testing among youth in Nigeria.

Contest Question: “How might you promote HIV self-testing among young people in Nigeria”

The 2018 World AIDS Day Handbook provides more details on the contest:

Meet the winners of the 2018 World AIDS Day Contest

Idris Badmus

First Place Winner

Tony Akeju

Second Place Winner

Ginika Uzoekwe

Third Place Winner


  • Idris Badmus (First Place Winner): “Recharge card retailers could be used an entry point for distributing the self-testing kits to young people. Recharge card retailers can be found at every corner of the streets of Lagos and they are one of the most regularly visited places for young people in Nigeria because of the daily market for Mobile airtime”.
  • Tony Akeju (Second Place Winner): “Creating an app that will serve as a secured HIV/STI communication platform for obtaining HIV self-testing kits and related products from nearby vendors. This will include a 24/7 support and referral system; real-time information and logistic support on the use and purchase of HIV self-testing kits”
  • Ginika Uzoekwe (Third Place Winner): “Creating a hygiene/grooming pack for young people that will include condoms, HIV self-testing kits and hygiene products such as: sanitary pads and bathing soaps”

Cash prizes of N250,000 (1st place), N150,000 (2nd place), and N50,000 (3rd place)


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