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4YBY Innovation bootcamp is an accelerated training program focused on activating and fostering entrepreneurship and leadership mindsets of young people for sustainable change, while applying research principles. The bootcamp is designed to encourage the integration of research and entrepreneurship among young for solving health problems.

Past Innovation Bootcamp

2018 4YBY Innovation Bootcamp

The 2018 4YBY Innovation bootcamp was a 4-week accelerated program (May 6th to May 30th) for the top seven teams from the designathon contest to enhance their ideas by applying entrepreneurship and research skills. The bootcamp consisted of several research and entrepreneurship modules, including creating strategic planning techniques, developing minimal viable products, budgeting, research ethics, and so much more.

The deliverables for the Innovation bootcamp were:

  • An innovation plan
  • Research study protocol
  • 10 -minute idea pitch. The teams presented their ideas and minimum viable products in a 10-minute pitch to the judges at the Innovation bootcamp grand finale.


The pitches were evaluated based on 4 judging criteria:

  1. Desirability: Does the design appeal to young people? Does it address the challenges (low-cost, accessible, confidential) that young people face with testing for HIV?
  2. Impact: Will the design significantly support and champion young people to self-test for HIV? Is it able to reach al young people in Nigerian when available?
  3. Feasibility: Can the design be easy to implement? Are the resources available to execute the MVP?
  4. Teamwork: How effective were the participants in working together as a team, in sharing responsibilities, in communicating with each other and providing mutual support, with effective problem solving and time management skills?


The 2019 Innovation Bootcamp Handbook provides more information on the 2019 innovation bootcamp:

Meet the winners of the 2019 4YBY Innovation Bootcamp

Team Smart

First Place Winnner


Second Place Winnner

Team Genra

Third Place Winner


Team BeterDoc

Fourth Place Winner

Team PharmaNaut

Fifth Place Winner


  • Team Smart (First Place Winner): The team proposed re-packaging of the HIVST kit to be more youth-friendly, which will be called “SMART Pack”. The pack will include OraQuick HIV self-testing kits, educational pamphlets, a referral coupon (for linkage to care and follow-up testing) and SMART wristband (to normalize HIV testing). These SMARTPacks will be promoted at social gatherings and outreach events. Participants who test positive are tracked and followed up through the SMART Customer Relations System with the aid of the sales coupon referral cards issued during the SMART Grooves.
  • Team B-STAR (Second Place Winner): The team proposed repacking HIV self-testing kit to a self-care box called “LUVBOX”. The repackaged HIV self-testing kits will include hygiene products (sanitary towels for females and beard care kit for males) and sexual health products (including condoms) and USSD Pin code (for linkage to care and follow-up testing).
  • Team Genra (Third Place Winner): The team proposed leveraging on the vibrant nature of the target population through a novel social media app (including viral online challenges) as well as fun local community events (e.g. soccer match and dancing competition). At social community events called “Bili vibes” participants, will receive the HIVST kit, including a USSD code for a step-by-step process on how to use the kit (which will be adapted in the local language “Igbo”) and on-call counsellor for participants who test positive.
  • Team BeterDoc (Fourth Place Winner): The team proposed using a BeterDoc pack which consists of a HIV oral self-test kit and an access pin code that gives the customer access to BeterDoc website to redeem exciting prizes and opportunity to speak to trained counsellors (can guide participant on how to conduct the test, understand the result and link to appropriate youth-friendly services and care).
  • Team PharmaNaut (Fifth Place Winner): The team proposed using a re-packaged HIV self-testing kit called “IUNGO”. This will include the HIVST kit, a ticket to the IUNGO platform and referral coupon (for linkage to care and follow-up testing), educational pamphlets. The IUNGO platform aims at connecting community members to local skill acquisition programs (e.g. basket weaving, tie and dye etc.) based on the interest indicated buy the participants. The IUNGO platforms will be promoted through community campaigns.


Contest Awards: Seed capital of N1,000,000 (1st place), N750,000 (2nd place), and N500,000 (3rd place). Fourth and Fifth places also received N250,000 seed capital to also implement their ideas. The five teams also received research and entrepreneurship start-up package that consisted of HIV self-testing kits and data collection materials.



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