4YBY designathon is an interactive, engaging, and fun-filled sprint-contest focused on problem-solving, idea-generation and enhancing creativity through a design-thinking process.

Past Designathon

2019 4YBY Designathon

The 2019 4YBY Designathon was a 48-hour event (March 29th -March 31st 2019) where 13 teams comprised of young people from all over Nigeria were invited to ideate, design, and present their self-devised solution on how to promote self-testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Contest Question: “How might we encourage self-testing for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases among young people (14-24 years) in Nigeria in a way that is low cost, accessible, youth-friendly and confidential?”

The deliverables for the designathon were:

  1. A working solution prototype
  2. Lean business model canvas
  3. Team photo(s), and
  4. A five minute design pitch. The teams presented their ideas and prototypes in a 5-minute pitch to the judges at the designathon finale.

The pitches were evaluated based on 4 judging criteria:

  1. Desirability: Does the design appeal to young people? Does it address the challenges (low-cost, accessible, confidential) that young people face with testing for HIV?
  2. Impact: Will the design significantly support and champion young people to self-test for HIV? Is it able to reach al young people in Nigerian when available?
  3. Feasibility: Can the design be easy to implement? Are the resources available to execute the MVP?
  4. Teamwork: How effective were the participants in working together as a team, in sharing responsibilities, in communicating with each other and providing mutual support, with effective problem solving and time management skills?


The 2019 Designathon Handbook provides more details on the 2019 designathon

Meet the winners of the 2019 Designathon

Team Smart Hustle

First Place Winner

Team Genra

Second Place Winner


Third Place Winner


  • Team Smart Hustle (First Place Winner): The team proposed distributing HIV self-testing kits at community centers by leveraging the National Youth Service Network in Nigeria. This would also include a referral system, where participants who refer other individuals to purchase the HIV self-testing kits will receive incentives for their referrals.
  • Team Genra (Second Place Winner): The team proposed providing information on HIV self-testing kit pick up locations and other sexually transmitted infections testing its through social media groups. This idea seeks to leverage existing university structure and community organizations to promote the social media software application among young people.
  • Team B-STAR (Third Place Winner): The team proposed developing a package (box) that would include HIV self-testing kit and other sexual wellness products such as condoms, pills, and pregnancy test strips. The team also suggested that they will work towards providing counseling for HIV self-testing via mobile technology.

Contest Awards: Cash prizes of N250,000 (1st place), N150,000 (2nd place), and N50,000 (3rd place). Top seven teams from the designathon earned a spot at the innovation bootcamp


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