“Nothing For Us Without Us”: The Nigerian National Standards & Minimum Service Package for Adolescent & Youth-Friendly Health Services

When thinking about health access, it is important to keep in mind youth health access. The mission of 4 Youth By Youth (4YBY) is for youth to be active engagers in their health and understand that their voice matters in health decisions. This is why understanding what the Nigerian National Standards and Minimum Service Package […]

Today’s participants, tomorrow’s leaders

When you picture your future, what do you see? “Are you a leader or a follower?” – the question written in my “Q&A a day” journal in which I wrote, “I think I’m a good mix of both, but I’d like to become even more of a leader.” –Alexis Engelhart, Research Assistant Education is powerful. […]

Nigerian Youth: The Voice and Leadership to Change the Future

Wake up.  Clock in.  Check emails.  “Fired.” “Furloughed.” “Laid off.” “Reduction in paychecks.” “Close of business.” Reason: COVID-19.  COVID-19 has greatly affected economies worldwide, creating high global unemployment rates. The impact of the pandemic on the workforce is much more drastic than originally anticipated, and though the job loss was quick, Director-General of the International […]

Upcoming Event: Youth Team Representatives at the Civil Society for HIV/AIDS in Nigeria Virtual Round Table

4YBY Youth Teams will be presenting on lessons learned from their experience as co-creators and implementers of HIV self-testing delivery strategies for Nigerian Youths on Tuesday, July 21st, 2020 at 10:00am Nigerian time/4:00am CDT. These group of young people typify that if Nigerian youth are provided the support and enabling environment they can develop and […]

How to Use an Oral HIV Self-test Kit

We are counting down to our 2nd Annual World AIDS Day Event on December 1st, 2019. While you think through your ideas for submission to the open challenge contest, we wanted to share a #throwbackvideo of some members of team demonstration use an oral HIV self-test kit. We hope you find it helpful and we […]

4 Youth by Youth World AIDS Day contest, December 1 2019: Closing the gap in HIV self-testing service delivery led by and for young Nigerians

World AIDS Day 2019, 1 December, is an opportunity to harness the power of young people to lead the fight against HIV. Today, more effective HIV prevention strategies have transformed what it means to know your status. However, progress for young Nigerians still lags behind such that one in five young people have never tested […]

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