4YBY Youth Series

At 4 Youth By Youth (4YBY), we seek to develop creativity in our youth. We yearn to enhance the development of innovative ideas through our crowdsourcing open calls, bootcamps, and designathons and plant the seed of discovering artistic and novel solutions to today’s problems.  We are excited to announce the start of our “Youth Series” […]

Nurturing Culturally-Salient Youth Narratives on HIV Self-Testing Uptake

The mission of 4 Youth by Youth (4YBY) is to continue to push youth-engaged research forward. Youth-participatory research gives voice to youth and allows freedom of expression and formulation of new ideas that may otherwise be missed. When thinking about new health solutions, such as HIV self-testing (HIVST), promoting youth-engaged findings about such solutions allows […]

Youth Engagement Webinar

Crowdsourcing open calls benefit populations as a whole by creating open communication and engagement. They include a sea of creative ideas from independently skilled and diverse individuals over a wide area offering innovative solutions to questions and real-world problems.  4 Youth By Youth (4YBY), in partnership with Adolescent HIV Prevention and Treatment Implementation Science Alliance […]

Nigerian Youth: The Voice and Leadership to Change the Future

Wake up.  Clock in.  Check emails.  “Fired.” “Furloughed.” “Laid off.” “Reduction in paychecks.” “Close of business.” Reason: COVID-19.  COVID-19 has greatly affected economies worldwide, creating high global unemployment rates. The impact of the pandemic on the workforce is much more drastic than originally anticipated, and though the job loss was quick, Director-General of the International […]

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