4 Youth by Youth PrEP4Youth Designathon, April 8-10, 2022: Promotion and Delivery of PrEP in Nigeria

Youth aged 14-24 years old are most vulnerable to HIV infection and suffer high rates of HIV-related deaths [1]. Fortunately, significant strides have been made to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030 succeeding decades of work. In Nigeria, the HIV prevalence among individuals aged 15-49 years old is 1.4% [2]. Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), a preventative oral medicine that prevents one from getting HIV [3], is one of the many tools that aids in the global effort of fighting HIV and ending AIDS. PrEP is highly effective when taken as prescribed, reducing the risk of getting HIV from sex by about 99% [4]. While we know PrEP is an advantageous, life-saving tool, what we are uncertain about is how to effectively promote PrEP and deliver PrEP services among youth in Nigeria. This is where you(th) come in. 

To help find a solution to PrEP promotion and delivery in Nigeria, we, 4 Youth by Youth, are hosting our 3rd Designathon from April 8 through April 10, 2022. This year’s prompt specifically asks Nigerian youth: “How might you design services or programs that promote PrEP awareness and use to prevent HIV infection among at-risk youths (14-24 years old) in Nigeria?” As the new generation of leaders and innovators, you(th) play a vital role in establishing new ideas, technologies, and solutions. We hold this event to harness youth involvement, creativity, and collaboration to assist in ending HIV/AIDS. Our 72-hour Designathon is an opportunity for you and your team to conceptualize and design your strategy to promote PrEP and deliver PrEP services in Nigeria with the support from research experts, health leaders, and entrepreneurs.

In our designathon in 2019, 42 Nigerian youth were selected to participate in 13 teams, and in 2020, 48 youth in 13 teams were invited to join the event [5-6]. Our designathons encouraged meaningful youth participation, and youth developed impressive, innovative strategies to create and deliver youth-friendly health services among Nigerian youth [4]. Like the past desginathons we have held, we anticipate a successful outcome for this year’s. 

Join the movement today and sign up to participate in the PrEP4Youth Designathon! Applications are due by March 22, 2022, at 11:59PM.

We are passionate about youth engagement in our designathons, and we hope that you apply to participate! Please build your team of 2-5 members and submit your application using our submission form via our website, email, or WhatsApp. To learn more about our PrEP4Youth Designathon, visit our website. Finally, if you have any questions about our upcoming PrEP4Youth Designathon or about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.


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