“I believe that the right to health is just as important as the right to life.”

Our Youth Series continues with our third post delegated to Ponmile Ogunjemite. Ponmile is a lively, motivated, young individual looking to make valuable contributions to her home country of Nigeria through entrepreneurship and the development of innovations. 

Ponmile began her journey with 4YouthByYouth (4YBY) in 2019 as a participant in the research on HIV/AIDS. She was not only a participant but a member who helped assess youth in her area, and throughout her time in 4YBY, she became a youth research facilitator. She was attracted to 4YBY because it is youth-oriented and largely focused on improving the health of youth. Training in Lagos was her favorite part of 4YBY because of the networking experience and the ability to meet with individuals in person succeeding restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ponmile was also the World AIDS Day (WAD) 2020 Crowdsourcing Open Call winner with her idea of “Bambam,” an interactive health application accessible for Nigerian youth to review and monitor their health and/or HIV status.

4YBY greatly impacted Ponmile in terms of entrepreneurship; she co-created her first start-up with a 4YBY youth facilitator, Victor Ojo. 4YBY presented the opportunity for Ponmile and Victor to connect and collaborate to establish an impactful organization. 4YBY not only has helped Ponmile with her career but also her personal development. She views two of the most valuable traits of 4YBY are involving young people in research and giving them experience in the field by enabling them to participate and address issues in their communities. 

As Ponmile mentioned, 4YBY builds young innovators and encourages youth to write their own narratives. Please view Ponmile’s personal story below:

Ponmile Ogunjemite

“I, Ponmile Ogunjemite, am a young entrepreneur and health activist, driving change in the health and technological space through my entrepreneurship and social works. I believe that the right to health is just as important as the right to life and as such engage. Through technological and systemic innovations, I promote healthcare, accessibility, and affordability for all people, especially low-income earners in rural communities, millennials, and individuals of Gen Z, irrespective of their socio-economic status. I seek to generally improve the quality of life.

In 2020, I co-founded FavouriteDoctor, a telemedicine service, as a first-hand COVID-19 intervention in the heat of the pandemic and as a post-pandemic ehealthcare servicing startup, where I worked as the Innovations Strategist and Business Development Manager.

I am a team-spirited, goal-getter leading a team of over 100 youthful volunteer curators and partners at Pioneer Medical Initiative, a non-profit organization that aims to advance Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3, good health and well-being. I also founded the organization in 2018. The initiative is built on the pillars of advocacy, activism, research, and technology and focuses on improving healthcare systems and policies for better healthcare inclusion, accessibility, and affordability. In an ongoing project, Voice4Health, my team and I are lending our voices to the needs of individuals and communities marginalized in the current Nigerian Healthcare System, and we are actively working for sustainable changes at the grassroot level. 

I am currently the Business Development Manager and System Analyst at Fountain Payment Systems and Solutions where I lead a team of experts and professionals in bridging the gap between value producers and consumers through seamless payment technologies and software solutions. 

I am a fellow of the African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative; an ambassador of Impact Your World Leadership Initiative; an alumnae of the YALI Regional Leadership Center (YALI RLC) West Africa; a one-time president of the Nigerian Red Cross Community Development Service, Akure-South LG; and a scholarship recipient of the Nigerian University of Technology and Management (NUTM)  Scholars Program (NSP).

At every opportunity, I am committed to enacting young leaders towards achieving a desired goal, especially as it relates to improving the quality of life.”

We are very lucky that we get the opportunity to work with talented young people. We are always impressed by our youth and honored to share their stories and all that they have achieved. 

Kindly watch the interview below where Ponmile talks about her 4YouthByYouth experience and its impact on her career. 

Ponmile Ogunjemite and Saint Louis University graduate student team member, Alexis Engelhart, discussing Ponmile’s journey with 4YBY and the impact the organization has had on her life.

In closing, Ponmile gives two final statements of advice:

To her peers, maximize the opportunities you can receive in 4YBY.

To 4YBY, continue helping youth, expressing their ideas, and testing their leadership skills.

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  • Ponmile Ogunjemite
    October 13, 2021

    Thank you 4YBY, for sharing my story. It’s been a blissful journey with the team.

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