“4YBY offers a lifetime opportunity to young people interested in research, and I want to encourage them to keep giving youths opportunities.”

Our second 4 Youth By Youth (4YBY) Youth Series post recognizes our wonderful youth Dr. Chieyine Nelson. Dr. Nelson participated in the 2019 4YBY event and is now a medical doctor and the co-founder of the Bili App, a social media app that allows people to create and join artistic challenges or trends, and Privi Test, a platform that offers young people the opportunity to anonymously test for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). We are excited to share Dr. Nelson’s story and welcome you to read about and view his accomplishments.

Dr. Chieyine Nelson sharing a wonderful smile.

Dr. Chieyine Nelson’s Journey with 4YBY

“It was a normal day like every other day when a classmate (Dr Chima Kelechi Prince) invited me to join their meeting, and that act alone gave me a lot of experiences.”

My name is Chieyine Nelson, a medical doctor and a graduate of the University of Nigeria.

4YBY was my most memorable experience in 2019.

I quickly agreed to be their tech guy. It was like a lifetime opportunity and before I knew it, I saw a flight ticket with my name.

Hope I didn’t forget to tell you that it gave me my first flight experience.

Coming to Lagos was fun as I was born and brought up in Lagos and only came to the East for my university education.

Seeing Lagos after so many years gave me a kind of nostalgic feeling. That feeling of “Yo, this is my crib, this is my home.”

As the tech guy, we created an app called Bili, which is a social media app that helps people create and join challenges or trends like dancing, singing etc.

We felt that Nigerians love social media and if we can give them an incentive to use our app while doing targeted ads on HIV and self testing kits, that we may have struck a goldmine.

The app is currently on Google Play Store and currently has over 900 downloads.

On getting back to Enugu, we had to call a meeting of “Who is Who” in the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus to pitch our solution to them.

Aside from the Bili app, we also implemented a USSD solution for areas inaccessible to the internet and those without smartphones (*347*95#).

In Nigeria, low-end smartphones are luxury items and not everyone has access to it and even those who do also have internet accessibility to contend with.

So the team decided to build solutions for both internet privileged and non-internet privileged Nigerians.

My favourite part of 4YBY unexpectedly is the food with the choice of selecting sumptuous meals right in front of you. My next favourite part is meeting new people and making new friends. My roommate was a guy I have never met before and we created a bond.

The impact 4YBY has had in my life is tremendous.

After the program, we noticed a distribution problem in the test kit, and Nigerians still wanted to visit the laboratory to be sure of the result. And as a result, we founded Privi Test, an online platform that connects young Nigerians to laboratories without any personal information for HIV and other STDs tests. Privi Test is a platform that connects young people to test for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections anonymously.

4YBY offers a lifetime opportunity to young people interested in research, and I want to encourage them to keep giving youths opportunities.”

Dr. Chieyine Nelson and Saint Louis University 4YBY graduate student team member Stacey Mason discussing Dr. Nelson’s journey with 4YBY.

We would like to thank Dr. Nelson for participating in the 4YBY Youth Series and providing his words on his journey with 4YBY and his amazing accomplishments.

Please feel free to visit the following application sites and social media page to stay updated on Dr. Nelson’s apps, Bili and Privi Test, and connect via LinkedIn.

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