4YBY Youth Series

At 4 Youth By Youth (4YBY), we seek to develop creativity in our youth. We yearn to enhance the development of innovative ideas through our crowdsourcing open calls, bootcamps, and designathons and plant the seed of discovering artistic and novel solutions to today’s problems. 

We are excited to announce the start of our “Youth Series” in which we invite our own 4YBY youth to participate in virtual interviews to highlight their experiences and/or leadership in 4YBY and share how and why 4YBY has impacted their lives. We have been fortunate to have reached over 5,300 Nigerian youth through our crowdsourcing open calls, bootcamps, and designathons, and more recently we have been collaborating with other youth organizations to extend the reach of our open contests to young people in other African countries. The Youth Series will allow us to share the narratives of youth engagement from a young people’s lens. 

These testimonials are stories from you(th) to youth. They are our youths’ stories to share with the public. We are astounded and pleased by our youths’ accomplishments and are delighted to hear their stories and share them with others. We want their stories known and told. Their stories are powerful. Their stories will create connections between people and communicate to them the importance of youth engagement and leadership. Their stories will influence, inspire, and impact other young people. Their stories will make a difference in future generations.

Imagine you read or listened to a 4YBY youth testimonial before joining the organization. What would you expect to read or hear? Would that youth’s story resonate with you? Would you be inspired to join 4YBY after reading or listening to it?

Everyone has a story to tell, and we are thrilled to hear our youths’ stories. Please join us on this series to learn more about each of our youth members and the stories they have to tell.

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