Why Youth?


Nearly 1 in 3 young people globally, are not in education, employment or training. Young people account for roughly 40% of the world’s unemployed. Being out-of-school and unemployed are key characteristics found to increase young people’s vulnerability to HIV as it is associated with numerous risk factors, including age-disparate and transactional sex, early marriage, inconsistent condom use, and limited power in relationships. Without a pathway to earned income, many young people will become more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors, thus limiting the opportunity for an AIDS-free future.


Young people under 30 years of age are the fastest growing group in Nigeria. They make up nearly 50% of Nigeria’s population. A major stressor complicating the lives of youth in Nigeria is economic instability, with at least 2/3 of youth across Nigeria currently not in education, employment or training. Additionally, as a country, Nigeria ranks second in the world in new HIV infections among youth, youth living with HIV, and AIDS-related deaths among youth. Despite the significant HIV risk of Nigerian youth, less than 20% have ever tested for HIV. The lack of access to essential youth-friendly HIV prevention programs makes it difficult for young people to use these services. However, YOUR participation in social innovations to promote HIV Self-Testing, can help lay the groundwork not only for a vibrant economy, but for more effective youth friendly health services serving all young people in Nigeria.


Grounded in a youth participatory framework, we believe there’s a better way to engage and harness YOUR capabilities to create solutions to some of the most pressing needs in healthcare. We give YOU the chance to share your ideas on how to promote HIV Self-Testing among young people in Nigeria.


We are serious about youth inspired innovations for health. We listen as YOU share and pitch your transformative ideas on how to promote HIV Self-Testing that we believe will profoundly change the trajectory of health for all young people in Nigeria and globally.


We are dedicated to creating opportunities where YOU can design locally-tailored and relevant entrepreneurial solutions to promote HIV testing. We provide YOU with the tools and training you need to launch your own start-ups for HIV Self-Testing.


We focus on what matters most to YOU, working to help create high-quality solutions to HIV Self-Testing that will last for YOU and all young people in Nigeria, anticipating the risks and facilitating opportunities to ensure that YOUR solutions lead to long-lasting outcomes for all youth in Nigeria.